Yaris Sanchez

A native of The Bronx, New York, and a single mother of one, Yaris Sanchez’s journey has been exemplary serving as a catalyst for trailblazing, encouraging young women to be their most authentic self challenging societal norms.

She has cultivated a growing community using her authentic voice around lifestyle, health + wellness, food, literature, and fashion.

Yaris has secured partnerships with renowned global brands such as, Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co, Amazon, Kappa, and more. H er more personal pursuits include a book club series, a kitchen series showcasing interconnectedness through food, and a talk show series featuring founders, creators, and New York Times best selling authors celebrating their contributions that help push t he culture forward and enrich society.

Yaris Sanchez work has been praised in publications such as, Latina Magazine, Dazed, New York Magazine, The Fader, and Vogue.